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Season 3 of Cuckoo is now on Netflix (Taylor Lautner and Greg Davies)

I wanted to recommend the series Cuckoo, a Netflix Original comedy show.

We discovered Cuckoo on Netflix, and quickly went through season 1 and 2, it was funny and crazy.  Andy Samberg was in season one and he was such a funny character.  I also think the other actors are great, especially Greg Davies, he’s always getting himself into odd situations.

I was a little peeved when they changed the main actress in season 1 to another actress playing the same character, Rachel, in season 2.  They added Taylor Lautner to the cast in season 2, and he is terrific. Now season 3 is up on Netflix and I’m really enjoying it.

If you are looking for a good show that is funny and will make you laugh out loud, definitely check it out.