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DVC 25


If you are a Disney Vacation Club member, or have been looking into buying a DVC timeshare you have probably heard the news about the Membership Perks policy change that went into effect April 4, 2016.

Basically it doesn’t effect anyone who is already an existing DVC member, but will completely change how DVC treats future resale buyers.   If you buy a resale contract you will no longer be entitled to Membership Perks and will not be issued a DVC Membership Card.  Membership perks are varied, and range from discounts on annual passes, merchandise, or food, and to invitations to special DVC events.  Many people have voiced the opinion that these small perks don’t make that much of a difference to them.

For future resale buyers, they will now have to consider if the lack of full status membership is going to effectively change their decision on purchasing a resale versus buying new.  With the cost of direct ownership, for many people, owning direct points may not be an option financially. For many, resale is the only feasible way that they can actually buy a DVC timeshare.

Buying a DVC timeshare is a huge decision and financial commitment, regardless of whether or not you buy direct or through resale.  For me, I still feel it is one of the best things we have ever bought for ourselves.

Are you a DVC Member? Have you ever considered purchasing a DVC timeshare?