One last time, The Osborne Lights

As most Disney fans know, The Osborne Lights have come to a final close.

I’m just posting to say that I did at least get to go One. Last. Time. during this season and I am still sad about it. I am hoping that Disney realized what a huge draw it is to guests and how important it is to many people, and as a result of the high demand for the continuation of the lights perhaps they can come up with some solution/relocation of the display.

I was thinking they could relocate it to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Center, which I think goes largely unused throughout the year. Once we drove down there and the whole place was like a ghost town. There was a lot of parking.

The lights were the one thing I looked forward to the most at Christmas time. Here are just a few photos from a previous year (my favorite building was this pink one).   I have a feeling I’m still going to be sad every year. Oh Disney…you set us up to knock us down.