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Nomad Lounge

Nomad Lounge

Nomad Lounge is a brand new lounge located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. It is situated in the same building as Tiffins which is also new.  Tiffins is one of Disney’s ‘signature’ restaurants – the designation denotes it is one of their highest level of food and service that they offer.  There are roughly 15 signature restaurants at Walt Disney World.  The Nomad Lounge offers high end nibbles and refreshments.

The Nomad Lounge had an Adventurer’s Club type atmosphere, rich colors, dark woods, and unique decor gives it a British Colonial feel, slightly exotic – but also luxurious. It is open seating, both indoor or outdoor. I’m sure the outdoor seating will be very nice once the weather cools off, right now there are too many mosquitoes.

We ordered the vegetarian summer rolls and the cheese board.

Vegetarian Summer Rolls

Vegetarian Summer Rolls $7

These were really delicious, but very hard to eat. When they cut them in half like this, they are hard to hold together, they just want to fall apart. The outer wrapper is very chewy, be careful eating it.  This was slightly spicy, the ponzu sauce was really complementary.


Artisanal Cheeses

Selection of Artisanal Cheeses $12

The cheese selection was very nice. The chunky yellow one was an aged cow cheese, reminded me of cheddar. The white one on the left was a goat cheese, very mild though which was perfect for my taste, I don’t really like strong goat cheese.  And the white one in the middle back was a tangy blue cheese. A small portion of marcona almonds, toasted bread (very crisp), and a gooseberry for accompaniments.

Kungaloosh Ale

Kungaloosh Ale $8.75

If you are a fan of Sam Adams Winter Lager, you will probably really enjoy this Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale, it has some unique spices and nutty finish. It went really well with the food.

Keep in mind the portion sizes are small, prices are a bit high – this is pretty typical for any of the lounges, especially those adjacent to signature restaurants.  They are taking the Tables In Wonderland card here (20% discount for members – http://www.tablesinwonderland.com).

I’d say the best time to visit the Nomad Lounge would be around the last hour or hour and a half before the park closes. The crowd thinned out the later it got. I’d definitely go back and am also interested in trying Tiffins as well.