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Pressed Pennies are a great affordable Disney collectible, there are many different designs, and many different machines located on Disney property.  The cost of a pressed penny souvenir is 51 cents. You will need two quarters and one penny, you’ll get the penny back once it is pressed.  These are great for adults and children alike, anyone who enjoys Disney collectibles.

Each machine usually offers three different designs, you may come across some machines that offer four designs.  Some machines have to be hand-cranked – and the selection of the design has to be pre-aligned to the one you want before you start cranking. If you are going to use the manual hand-cranked machine be sure to double check you have the right design at the arrow pointer before you insert your money and start cranking.  For the automatic style machines, like the one pictured above, you simply press the button for the design you want.

The variety of designs is amazing – you will be surprised at just how many different ones there are, and at about 50 cents each, it is the most affordable collectible Disney offers.

If you want to get fancy with it, Disney sells pressed penny books in their gift shops. With the book, you can organize and store your pennies.

I carry around an Altoids box in my purse that is filled with quarters and pennies in case I see something I want.  I’ve read that the newer pennies are silver colored when smashed, if you want a solid copper penny you should search through your pennies for something from 1984 and before – these were solid copper.  You can probably see the differences in penny colors from a few of them in my photo, some look streaked with silver.

Next time you visit Walt Disney World be sure to look around for these Penny Machines. Happy Collecting!