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My husband and I were in Orlando recently. We had eaten at a local restaurant for dinner and were thinking of what to do with the last couple hours of the evening, it was about 9 pm.  Our choices were go to Animal Kingdom theme park which was open until 11 pm, or go to Magic Kingdom which was open until Midnight, and then lastly choose a resort bar (which usually close at Midnight as well).  We decided on picking a bar, Sanaa seemed like a great choice.

Once we got there we checked the bar menu, it was still early enough to order food from the bar menu, but we were still full from dinner.  After a little consideration, we decided to try a bourbon flight.  They also offer a tequila flight, if you are a tequila aficionado.

For the bourbon tasting, you get three 3/4 ounce pours: the first one is the Maker’s Mark Wheated, then your choice of one Rye and one Straight bourbon.  Their choices for Straight: Knob Creek Disney Select Single Barrel and Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight. The choices for High Rye bourbon are the Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight.

We started with one flight which comes with the Maker’s Mark Wheated, and chose the Buffalo Trace and Knob Creek Disney Select, only available at Disney.  After we started tasting, we decided to just order another flight with the opposite choices so we’d be able to taste all 5 bourbons. The second flight had the Maker’s Mark again, plus the Angel’s Envy and Woodford Reserve.

Some observations…

The Angel’s Envy was the harshest, it reminded me of a young whiskey, I drink Jameson at home, and it reminded me of that, it numbs the taste buds a bit.

The Knob Creek Disney Select had a nice nose, pleasant and not too strong, the best nose of all the choices.  The taste was complex.

The Buffalo Trace was earthy and smokey smelling, tasted more mellow to than the Knob Creek.

The Woodford Reserve had the most overwhelming nose, very strong.

The Maker’s Mark Wheated was definitely the softest tasting, very nice, very smooth.

After straight tasting, we added a bit of cold water and a small ice cube to each selection.

The most improved by adding water was the Angel’s Envy, followed by the Woodford Reserve. It took away a bit of the harshness, definitely would recommend doing your own tasting to see what preferences you have, also try with a bit of water.

We spent about 2 hours just relaxing, it was really nice. Sanaa’s bar is open until midnight and it clears out after dinner ends, so you have a beautiful setting and not many people.

The cost per flight was $13.50 not including tax or tip. It was well worth the cost for the experience, I could imagine doing a tasting activity at the Food and Wine Festival and it would probably cost quite a bit more. If I were to buy a bottle of bourbon for home, I’d probably choose the Maker’s Mark Wheated. It was fun to sample them all, and I feel like I’ve learned a bit in the process.