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  1. Animal Abuse – I’ve seen dozens of children that hurt animals  while on Disney property. This happens on a daily basis, chances are you have seen it yourself on more than one occasion while on your Disney vacation. Often times the parent(s) or chaperones of the children are not educating them on proper manners and proper respect for animals.  They are usually self-involved and socializing with other adults, or extremely lax about letting their child do anything.  Sometimes they even encourage sadistic behavior in their child or children, encourage them to chase and kick ducks, rabbits, squirrels, or other animals.  This is a serious concern, when children are not supervised they can even kill animals be it intentional or not.  The absolute worst thing I’ve seen at WDW was a 7 or 8 year old throwing rocks at ducks – and he hit one.  Angry Donald
  2. Complete disregard for the rules  – both children and adults are guilty of not following the rules.  Children often like to climb on things they shouldn’t, they like to run, peep into other people bathroom stalls, and swing their plastic light sabers into other people, and parents will usually let them get away with it. I have been ran into more than once by children who are not paying attention to where they are going. Commonly adults break the rules too, it can be something like smoking in non-designated areas, line cutting, or sneaking in more people in line in front of others, or letting their kid(s) or grandkid(s) hop on the electronic scooters with them. Worst thing, when parents let their children run wild.
  3. Rudeness to others – there are times when people completely lose their minds at Disney. Sometimes you will find adults behaving badly towards others, examples are rude behavior to cast members or other guests. Things like being overly drunk or out of control, tour groups being annoying with their cheering, line cutters (especially parents who let their kids just line cut and “follow” their kids up the line), or space poachers (people who crowd you after you have camped out a spot), people who block walkways and stand in the way, or those not paying attention to the line, people running others over with their scooters or strollers.  Sometimes you have to suffer through listening to people complaining loudly or making a fool of themselves. People should be aware of their behavior, but most of the time people who are being rude just don’t care, they aren’t even embarrassed for themselves. I think the worst thing I’ve seen was a guy punch his “friend” in the face outside of the Mexico pavilion at Epcot. 
  4. Filthy behavior – It may seem trivial, but littering is wrong, it is disrespectful to leave garbage around for others to pick up.  You wouldn’t throw garbage on the floor in your own house, why would you do it somewhere else where you are a guest? Yes, you pay for admission, but that doesn’t mean you own the place. Next level filthy behavior is like sneezing on others, not giving enough personal space/touching other people/sneezing or coughing on others, or those who poop or pee on things. I particularly hate when sweaty people brush up against me and rub their sweat on me. Many times I’ve caught a cold or flu from going to Disney, no matter how much I try to keep my hands clean and be careful, inevitably you will catch germs from someone. I’ve seen dirty diapers in public where a parent has just left the diaper for someone else to clean up.  One time at the Biergarten restaurant, part of the bathroom stall was smeared with poop. Now, if your child smeared poop all over a bathroom stall would you just leave it? And the worst was probably a pair of kids shorts that had a log of shit in them that was left in a public bathroom at Saratoga Springs Resort.


Disney has millions of visitors every year, it is mind-boggling to imagine the distance and expense involved for everyone who comes to visit Walt Disney World.  I try to imagine this every time I visit WDW. When you have lots of people in a confined space, it can be taxing, especially for those who have introverted tendencies.  For anyone who is like me, it is best to avoid big crowds and big lines, often hard to do.  My coping method is to take it easy, if the line is too long, I’ll skip it.  Often times when there are loud talkers behind me, I’ll pull over and let them pass. I can’t stand for someone to be right on my heels and loud enough to bug me. For those travelling from all over the world to Disney, they don’t have that luxury of skipping rides or attractions, they have a set amount of time to do everything.  My best advice is to make and use FastPass+ selections, this will significantly reduce wait times.  Be flexible, avoid people who are annoying you.  If you see something worthy of reporting, report it to a cast member, don’t try to police others on your own.  Rude people are rude, chances are it won’t end well if you confront them.

What is the worst thing you have ever seen at Walt Disney World?