A 2 year old boy was attacked by an alligator at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. The child was reported wading with his father in about 1 foot of shallow water of the Seven Seas Lagoon, which surrounds the Magic Kingdom resort area, it is the body of water that separates the Transportation and Ticket area from the main entrance of Magic Kingdom.

This man made lake is quite large and touches upon several Disney resorts, the Grand Floridian, the Villas at the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian Village Resort and Villas, and connects Seven Seas Lagoon to Bay Lake, where there is boat transportation/access to the Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness. The child was dragged in around 9:30 pm on Tuesday, no signs of the child or alligator have been found yet. Officials are searching the area.

Swimming is prohibited, wading is prohibited, guests are not allowed to enter the water. There are signs posted on Disney property that say ‘no swimming’ in the water, you will find them along the beach/lake shore areas.  Unfortunately, something unexpected happened this time.  Disney does not strictly enforce the no swimming policy, they do not have employees on the beaches. I’ve seen the blatant disregard for safety, people and their children disobeying the posted signs and playing in Seven Seas Lagoon, Bay Lake, as well as the lake area of Beach Club/Yacht Club.

Perhaps WDW will be more SPECIFIC with their signs in the future as some people do not have common sense. If people can’t follow a sign based on face value – i.e. don’t smoke (as in don’t smoke cigarettes at a gas pump because it will EXPLODE), don’t swim (because wildlife lives in the water), don’t stick your arms and legs outside the rides (because they can be chopped off), then I guess Disney is going to have to say “ALLIGATORS, SNAKES, AMOEBAS” because some people just can’t follow basic instructions.

Florida is known for its alligators and its snakes (sharks too – salt water).  Fresh water areas in Florida are almost always populated with something you don’t want to come in contact with.  It is basically a common well-known fact that if there is water – they can be gators, this could even mean a drainage ditch, a pond, heck – remember last week the one of the golf course.  You can’t trust a gator and you don’t always know where they are, the waters of Seven Seas Lagoon, Bay Lake, and most of Florida’s rivers and lakes are muddy and darkly colored, visibility during the day may extend a few feet from the shore (with the exception of fresh springs waters – and gators tend to avoid the cold spring water, but they love to lounge near them and so do the snakes, so it still isn’t 100% safe).

Read the signs, don’t go into the water, don’t go near the water at night.  Keep your children and pets away from open water #floridalife. Just because it is “Disney” doesn’t mean it is 100% safe, they don’t control the wildlife. Disney also can’t control someone who disregards safety protocol.  Let it be a warning to guests who decide to break the rules, rules usually are there for a reason.

It is heartbreaking that this child was taken, and presumably dead.

My heart breaks for the family. Praying for the family. I hope this never happens again.