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Disney Dollars (an old $10 Bill)

Disney Dollars (an old $10 Bill)

It was announced less than 48 hours ago that Disney would stop the production of Disney Dollars. They have been in production since 1987. The reason for their discontinuation of the Disney Dollar has been said to be that the gift card has taken over as the preferred method of alternative currency when guests aren’t using their credit cards or cash.

So, ultimately, the lack of usage of the Disney Dollar seems have led to its demise.  The main value of the Disney Dollar has always been its novelty and collectability, it is a souvenir in and of itself.

In the last year I have been meaning to stop by Guest Services and purchase some Disney Dollars and just never got around to doing it. I’ve always wanted to collect them, it reminded me of visiting the parks with my family when I was little. I’ve always thought of buying them for the purpose of having them as collectibles, I didn’t really think about using them currency while at Disney, and that’s probably a big part of the problem.

Current reports coming out of the parks as of 10 am Saturday morning are claiming that the remaining Disney Dollars that were in stock at all Guest Relations have been sold out.

But, there is still a sliver of hope, if you are willing to wait on hold for nearly an hour, you can still try contacting WDW Ticketing by phone. But you should act fast.  They only had $10 bills left at around 10 am today. The purchasing limit is $50 per person, $150 per household per day, plus $15 shipping charge.  Delivery time 2-3 weeks. While they are not going to make Disney Dollars anymore – they will continue to accept Disney Dollars as legal tender at Disney World and Disneyland – so they will always be worth at least face value.

Here is a screen shot below with the ordering number:


WDW Ticketing Hotline

Please let me know if you manage to get any Disney Dollars below.

What do Disney Dollars mean to you? are you a collector or do you enjoy spending them at Disney?