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Welch's New Peach Mango Juice vs. Vegitabeta

Welch’s New Peach Mango Juice vs. Vegitabeta


I’m so excited because I just tried some new Welch’s Refreshingly Simple Peach Mango and it reminds me of Vegitabeta…you know Vegitabeta, it’s available in Club Cool.

Although Vegitabeta is more orange in color, and probably has carrots in it, the Welch’s Peach Mango is quite similar, close enough for me – great peach flavor, not overwhelming with the mango either.

Soft Drinks at Club Cool

Soft Drinks at Club Cool


Vegitabeta is probably my favorite soft drink at Club Cool but it’s not something I’ve ever seen available, you’d probably have to special order it online, which makes it expensive and impractical.

I also tried some of the Welch’s Refreshingly Simple Grape and it was really good, not too sweet, I’m really liking their new juices.

Try some of the Peach Mango let me know what you think!