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Mickey Waffle Maker

Mickey Waffle Maker


From time to time I like to make waffles, I got this Mickey Waffle Maker as a gift for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago, and it works great. You can find one online at Amazon.com, JC Penney’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.  This model is called the DCM-1 and costs around $30.

Just an FYI, the resulting waffle as you can see above, is not the traditional deep crispy waffle, it’s more like a Mickey pancake.  I guess “pancake maker” isn’t as appealing as calling it a waffle maker.  Add your favorite toppings, fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, jams or jellies, powdered sugar, it is a lot of fun.

In any case, it’s easy to use, just be careful not to overfill!

With Mother’s Day here, I might be making these come morning.