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One of my favorite rides at The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, FL. It’s quite hard for me to get any decent photos on this ride, plus it’s probably annoying to those you ride with to take photos so I usually only try to get photos when we get our own boat with no other passengers.  Anytime I think of Pirates of the Caribbean, I always immediately think of the words “Dead Men Tell No Tales” and especially in that creepy pirate voice!

A classic scene from POTC is the auction, “We wants the Redhead!” is something we actually do say in our house anytime it is even remotely applicable for anything. Anytime I see a redhead, it reminds me of this scene. I’ve got Disney on the brain at all times.

In the beach scene with the skeletons, it is notable to point out that there is a mermaid skeleton in the small rowboat, not visible here, but if you go on the ride be sure to look at the skeleton’s lower half and you will see the tail bones of the mermaid.

Another scene is where they are dunking Carlos into the well, hard to see in the photo.

I would have liked to get a photo of the dog holding the jail keys, also a classic.

Other things of note:

The cool mist with the projections in it!

The skull rock, made from several rocks but can only see if from the front.

The hairy leg – oh so gross!

The scared cat which casts a hidden Mickey shadow behind him – cool!

The pirate in the mud with the piglets – aww so cute!

I highly recommend getting Fast Passes. One night we still ended up waiting about 30 minutes in the Fast Pass line – I saw them funneling people from the regular queue into the Fast Pass line when “no one” was looking.  That sucked, but it might be what they are doing to keep the regular line shorter. Not sure if they do this often.