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Whole Foods Market has everything. I don’t live very close to Whole Foods, but we took a special trip to one this week to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving. I was completely shocked by the variety of organic and specialty items they carry.  Not to mention their seemingly endless variety of ready made foods and soups available.

They had fresh organic produce galore.  Their seafood looked impeccable. Everything you could possibly want, even organic milk, cheese, yogurt! Gluten-free items. Tons of canned food, organic and BPA free.  I got organic sweet potato and pumpkin pie mixes in the can.  We also bought a free-range turkey for $30, it was a little pricey but none of the other grocery stores had any.

I wonder if this will be the way of the future, hopefully organic foods becomes more prevalent; I’ve noticed Walmart, Target, and Publix offer more variety than they have in the past and that is great, but they have got nothing on Whole Foods.