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MNSSHP 2015 Candy

This is our official 2015 candy haul for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

We stayed at Wilderness Lodge. This is a queen size bed, the towel roughly reaches across the width of the bed.  When we got home we weighed it, and it was 16.8 lbs.

Last year, we had trick or treated a lot too, maybe more I guess, and got 18.3 lbs. We surely thought we had more candy than last year! It felt substantially heavy.

What do you do with all this candy you ask? We eat some and mostly give it to friends and family. There is no way we can eat that much candy. It’s just fun to collect candy, as an adult we don’t get to trick or treat anymore in the “real world”, so going to the MNSSHP is fun for me.

The candy is pretty much exactly the same as last year, the only notable difference I found was that Werther’s had provided a coffee flavored hard candy that was AMAZING. It tastes just like tiramisu to me, very satisfying, lots of flavor and lasts for at least 5-10 minutes. I love it, I’ll definitely buy some of them from the grocery store.

Oh, and the Poison Candy Apple Stein is so cool, the white part glows in the dark. They are available for purchase at the party.