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I’m missing the Muppets premiere right now! We don’t have cable TV anymore.

I’m really looking forward to watching it. I’m hoping they will put it on Hulu Plus once it’s aired. I’m going to see if I can download the ABC app for the Kindle. Fingers-crossed!

The Muppets!

The Muppets!


I was able to watch it today on Hulu. I wasn’t able to access it live, the ABC app for the Kindle didn’t work.

Overall, I liked the show. I really love the Muppets, so I’m thrilled to see them on TV. My general feeling is that the show so far was too centered around Miss Piggy.  She is the star of a TV talk show and the rest of the Muppets are basically the staff that run the show or part of the cast (i.e. the band). But, I guess that is how they wrote it.

Miss Piggy, in my opinion, is too narcissistic to be very likable.  I’ve never really liked her, even when she was more likable and when she was doting on Kermit.  This new independent and single Miss Piggy is over the top and outrageous, but she has pretty much always been that way.

Her role comes across to me as the vehicle for comedy, like she is the punch line of the joke, or jokes are made at her expense.  Her selfishness is comical or idiotic, like where she asks Kermit to cover her “personal trash” with more “generic trash” because she doesn’t want her privacy violated. Hilarious. Poor Kermit.

I love that there are a lot of Muppets in the show, Fozzie, Gonzo, Pepe, love the monsters, Beaker, Honeydew, Sam the Eagle is terrific.

Looking forward to next week, and hoping that ABC doesn’t kill the show.