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Mickey sketches

Mickey sketches

I took this photo at One Man’s Dream in Hollywood Studios. One Man’s Dream was very much like a miniature museum which had a lot of interesting displays about Walt Disney, his life and his work. The “L” shaped corridors led to a theater where you could watch a short film about Walt Disney. I’m very sad that they closed this.  I am glad I did actually get to see it, the first time here I took a lot of photos, in hindsight, I would have taken a lot more photos if I knew they were going to close this attraction.

Update and Correction: As of 9/22/15 They haven’t officially closed this YET. The rumors are they are going to close it. I thought they already did close it because I thought it took effect at the same time they closed the Animation Academy July 12th. 

So, the good news is there is still some time to see it. Still very sad that they are planning on closing this. It’s worth saving.