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I never had torrone before in my life, not until last year when I saw it at the Italian market and tried it. The La Florentine Torrone was the first kind I ever bought, and I still think it’s the best, or should I say, my personal favorite.

If you have never tried torrone, it’s like a fluffy and chewy nougat, it can have other things it in like almonds, pistachios, or in this case hazelnuts. There are a variety of kinds, so be sure to read the labels.  A lot of them are NOT covered in chocolate, this one is and it is amazing. I highly recommend getting the chocolate covered one to try first.  Label says it’s all natural with no preservatives. I absolutely love this stuff.

This bar of La Florentine Torrone cost $5.79 plus tax. It says it is 4 servings. Definitely worth the cost of admission as they say. You’d easily pay that or more for a restaurant dessert on a night out.