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Deviled Eggs

My Deviled Eggs

Eggs are one of those food you either love or hate, but if you are a fan of eggs, chances are you probably enjoy deviled eggs. They are such a pain in the butt to make though, that it seems most people I know only make them for special occasions, or at Easter time, am I right?

I spent so long peeling these eggs.  My aunt said add some vinegar to the boiling water next time and she said that would help. I’ll have to give it a try. I add salt to the water, but never vinegar. And I put the eggs in while the water is still cold.

I just felt like making them for no reason at all, what a treat. My secret ingredients are dill weed and pickle juice (a couple tablespoons go into the yolk mix) along with mayo and mustard, plus a sprinkling of paprika and more dill afterwards for garnish. I use dried dill since that is what I have on hand, if you have fresh dill that would be better. I recommend Duke’s brand mayo, it’s really good.

We ate so many eggs. They were DELICIOUS.