Simple side salad

Simple side salad

My “go to” simple salad, just very basic 3 ingredients (not including choice of dressing) made with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Although very simple, the taste of these grape tomatoes and baby cucumbers is great.  I just recently noticed these baby cucumbers in the grocery store and wanted to try them.  I’ve noticed my family is lot more likely to eat this salad compared to one made with regular large seeded cucumbers. These baby cucumbers are pretty crisp all the way through since the seeds are practically non-existent. We usually use Ken’s Greek Dressing or Caesar, or Makoto’s Ginger Dressing at home, nothing fancy, and it’s easy. Who doesn’t love a great Caesar salad right, it’s basically romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese with a fantastic dressing?

It’s funny how changing the quality or type of produce makes a difference in how much more we like eating salad.  We try to buy organic vegetables whenever possible and I chop us the lettuce myself, rather than buying bagged mixes.

If you have interesting ingredients in the kitchen to add, throw them in, cheese, meat, egg, nuts, dried fruit or fresh fruit (pears, apples, or strawberries are lovely in salads), different veggies like carrots, bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, olives, broccoli slaw, beets, etc. Great with pecorino romano, feta, blue cheese, or mozzarella.

There is pretty much no wrong way to make a salad.  Everyone has their own likes and dislikes or their own signature ingredient, my grandmother loved alfalfa sprouts.

A couple years ago, we were on a health kick, and we ate salad EVERY DAY for a month as our dinner, with either chicken, fish or shrimp. Sometimes we ate salad for lunch too. I have to say that after a month, I was sick of salad for a while. On the upside though, it’s a great way to lose weight.