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I recently watched the movie As Dreamers Do, a biographical movie about Walt Disney. If you are a die hard Disney fan, I’d recommend it watching it, I watched it on Hulu Plus. I enjoyed the movie despite some bad acting.

It goes over the early years of his life before he moved to Hollywood, CA.  Overall, I would have liked to see more of Walt’s life in movie form, this movie just covered up to about 1923.

I already knew a lot about Walt Disney’s early life, but it really hit home the fact that Walt Disney had struggled a lot before actually getting successful, and if Walt was just two years older there would have been a very real chance that he could have been killed in World War I. He wanted to enlist in the army when he was 16 years, but couldn’t because of his age. The movie also highlighted the strong bond that Walt had to his brother Roy.

I was in the process of reading a Walt Disney biography a few weeks ago, but I didn’t get very far into it, I’m feeling more inclined to pick it back up. 🙂