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Zebra Domes

Zebra Domes

Zebra Domes Dessert available at The Mara, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

They are about $5 for a pack of 4. They are amazing and they taste so much better to me when they are cold, right out of the cold case. They also serve these at Boma, the buffet located at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but it seems silly to eat $45 dinner buffet just to have this dessert, and the ones on the buffet aren’t as cold, bummer.

I’m so glad they sell these at The Mara.

They are a little hard to describe, they remind me of butterscotch, they taste of chocolate and rum too (?) and are slightly soft, filled with a mousse and they have a little bit of cake at the bottom. They will melt in your mouth, they are so flavorful and sweet. I absolutely love them. Everyone needs to try these!

(The recipe does contain alcohol.)