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Monsters University Artwork

Monsters University Artwork

I’ve heard a couple bits of bad news this week. There are so many changes coming to Walt Disney World in the next couple years. I was very sad to hear that Disney has announced they are closing the Animation academy – I love the animation class, I think so many people overlook this building, it is full of artwork and displays. I think people just don’t have any appreciation for the “behind the scenes” type or educational attractions. I would spend all day drawing if I could, unfortunately not everyone likes it as much as me.

Also today, I read that they are intending on closing the One Man’s Dream attraction at Hollywood Studios! I’m pretty surprised they would close One Man’s Dream, it’s such a wonderful tribute to Walt Disney, it’s truly a shame to close it. What are they thinking! It is the closest thing there is to a Disney museum at Walt Disney World. I hope that they at least relocate the attraction rather than dismantling it.

Plus, they are also closing Disney Quest, which stinks because we’ve already paid for premium annual passes for next year – and this means they are taking away our arcade game access!  The article said they had plans to turn it into an NBA attraction, I’m not a sports fan. For someone like me, who doesn’t care about basketball at all, this move seems like an incredibly poor choice of usage. I’m going to miss Disney Quest, they really should have invested money into making it better, and taking out all the weird outdated and defunct attractions, it’s like they haven’t even cared for all these years and don’t understand why it’s not making them more money.

Overall it’s just been a really bad week in Disney news…