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Just being grumpy today, channeling my inner Statler and Waldorf

Just being grumpy today, channeling my inner Statler and Waldorf

Just to toss it out there, I’m not really a fan of Avatar, it bugs me that they are dedicating a huge amount of resources to expanding Animal Kingdom to build an Avatar land. The Avatar expansion is already underway and construction has already started months ago. It’s unbelievable they waited to long to put more effort in doing the Star Wars expansion, they’ve had Star Wars weekends for so many years and it’s proven to be a real winner, Star Wars has been like the bread and butter of Hollywood Studios, and Avatar is relatively an unknown quantity in the parks – there is no Avatar presence, I think it’s going to be a big flop, just like their animal poop treats (they were selling edible treats that looked like various animal droppings – classy!) which no one will remember.

With the unexpected success and mob like following of Frozen, Disney has completely dropped everything to maximize on their Frozen profits, they added “Frozen Summer” to their entertainment at Hollywood Studios in order to attract crowds. They shut down the Norway ride to re-theme it as a Frozen ride, and immediately cleared way for the first expansion Epcot has had in years – a Frozen building for meet and greets…sigh. Don’t get me wrong, Frozen was a good movie; even Avatar was a good movie.

Hollywood Studios is honestly a mess. Who gives a toss about American Idol? I’m glad that is gone. I must be one of the few people who doesn’t watch reality TV, never have. Did they even sell any American Idol merchandise? They have added more VIP experiences, like dessert parties, tours, etc. to capitalize on stage shows and firework shows. I’m okay with that, I love fireworks and it’s nice for a change to see them put some money into doing fireworks at Hollywood Studios which everyone can enjoy.

Overall, I’m pretty sad that no one seemed to care one iota about John Carter, but everyone went gaga over Avatar and insane over Frozen. I loved the John Carter books, they are amazing and full of action and suspense. Too bad practically no one has read the books. I understand they have to build things that will make money, but I’m just so skeptical about Avatar. Give me Star Wars and Muppets anyday; build me a whole Muppets theme park and I’d be happy. The times are a changin’ and it feels like I’m getting old.