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My favorite Mexican meal at Disney is the Pollo a la Rajas at San Angel Inn in Epcot.  It is a grilled chicken breast on top of rice mixed with some peppers and onion, with a creamy onion sour cream sauce underneath.  I got the craving for it and wanted to make a similar recipe using ingredients I have already in the kitchen and pantry. Basically, I’d need a sauce, rice, chicken, peppers, and onions.

To make a very easy Mexican sauce, I took a jar of premade Salsa Verde.

I combined the 16 oz. World Table Roasted Salsa Verde (Walmart carries this brand) and about 6 oz of lower fat Philadelphia cream cheese in a sauce pan and heated on low heat.

For the chicken, I took two chicken breasts sliced into strips, coated with olive oil, salt and pepper, and cooked at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes, checking on it several times until it was done.

Two green peppers cleaned and cut into strips, coated with olive oil and a dash of salt.

The chicken and green peppers went into the oven together on two baking sheets lined with parchment paper.

One bunch of spring onions, washed, trimmed, and then diced. I threw a small pinch into the sauce, the rest to be added on top of the plated food as desired.

We used organic brown rice, and cooked it with a can of Campbell’s chicken stock and water.

Chicken, Salsa Verde and cheese sauce, onions, green peppers,  sour cream.

Chicken, Salsa Verde and cheese sauce, onions, green peppers, sour cream.

The finished meal was terrific, it was about 90% similar to the pollo a la rajas at San Angel Inn, definitely close enough for me to be thrilled with it. I added a small spoon of sour cream and added a handful of the diced spring onions. This meal was simple enough that I can make this anytime I want, most of the ingredients I used I have on hand. Will definitely make this again.