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Tutto Italia Calamari

Tutto Italia (Tutto Gusto) Calamari

I know some people get bent out of shape if you say “Best” instead of “favorite”, but if you have found better calamari at Disney then I’d love to hear about it – because I haven’t. I’ve had calamari from at least 4 different places, Mama Melrose, Tony’s Town Square, Via Napoli, and Kouzzina immediately come to mind, and they didn’t quite compare to the calamari at Tutto Italia/Tutto Gusto (at Tutto Gusto you can order off the Tutto Italia menu). Although Via Napoli would be my runner up choice.

The calamari served here is always fantastic. The picture just doesn’t do it justice.
Here is why I think it is the best.

1) Not dried out. Some places deep fry it so much that the calamari gets dried out. These pieces are not dried out, they are thicker in cut and cooked just right, and an added bonus – no tentacles (I know some people like them).

2) Excellent breading and seasoning. Most places have awful breading or no flavor, I like the breading they use here.

3) Not greasy. Many places serve calamari that is too greasy.

4) Finally, their sauce is excellent and tastes fresh. Note: If you do not like red pepper flakes, you should let them know when you order, they sprinkle a little in the sauce as a garnish.

The only negative thing I could even possibly say is that it is expensive, although the online menu says $16, I believe the last time we were here for dinner our bill said $22 for this plate of calamari. I’m not sure why it seems like we were overcharged, or perhaps the menu online is incorrect. If I happen to come across the receipt, I’ll double-check it and update my post.

But in any case, I prefer quality over quantity.