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Magic Kingdom - After Closing

Magic Kingdom – After Closing

I adore Disney movies, Disney Characters, and Walt Disney – no surprise there. I also love Walt Disney World: the theme parks and the resorts, but, what is it about being at Walt Disney World that I really savor? I was thinking about all the specific little things that make me happy, things that only happen once in a while when you are at Walt Disney World, and if you are just lucky enough…

These are a few of my favorite things:

…eat at theme park restaurant near closing time and when we are done with dinner, the entire park is practically empty, and we can have a relaxing and leisurely walk. I can take some nice photos without anyone else in them. **Especially during Christmas**

…walk on a ride with no waiting.

…have Fast Passes and there is a long standby line.

…when there are only a handful of people in the Haunted Mansion “no windows and no doors” room with us.

…extra magic hours.

…when we are waiting for Disney Transportation and our bus, boat, or monorail shows up right when we need it.

…when walk up to a Disney restaurant and they take us in without a reservation.

…when the weather is absolutely perfect at Disney.

…find something new at Disney. (Like the Pirate Treasure Hunt game)

…finding a quiet place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

…experience an unexpected kindness from a cast member or stranger.

…make a new friend at Disney.

What are a few of your favorite Disney things?