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Sanaa Bread Service

Sanaa Bread Service

This is the bread service with all the available dips/sauces. They range from mild to super hot. This is a really fun sampler, although you will probably find many of the sauces not to your liking, either because of the taste or the intensity of heat. But, it was still nice to try them all. I like the mango chutney, cucumber raita, and hummus the best.

Sanaa - Samosas

Sanaa – Samosas

These samosas are great, we usually order one appetizer each. They are filled with a potato and peas mixture and mango chutney (or tamarind chutney, you can choose).

Sanaa - Paneer & Rice

Sanaa – Paneer & Rice

I ordered the vegetarian slow-cooked in gravy meal, I chose two orders or paneer tikka. Paneer is a fresh made cheese and it’s delicious. I also like the chick pea dish they offer sometimes. The menu changes occasionally and they change out which dishes they have available.

Sanaa is located on the bottom floor of the Kidani Village Resort. It has large windows where you can usually catch a glimpse of real African animals on their savannah habitat. The prices are somewhat expensive, but in-line with what you would expect at other Disney restaurants. The lunch menu offers different items and is slightly less expensive than the dinner menu. I would recommend trying this restaurant because of it’s unique atmosphere and food.