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Asparagus Quiche

Asparagus Quiche

We had bought two bunches of asparagus from the grocery store. After thinking about what to make with it, I decided on quiche. I’ve never made one before, but what the heck.

I found this receipt at Food Network, and used it as a guideline.

I didn’t have any flour left, just Bisquick mix, so I googled how to make a crust using Bisquick mix.
Basically it was butter, mix, and water. I don’t think I’ll be making home-made crust next time, it took a long time, between putting the dough together from scratch, then the dough resting, and rolling, then chilling, then blind baking, it was just a real pain.

The filling was pretty easy to put together, the longest part was actually prepping and pre-cooking the asparagus pieces so they would be soft. I added some sliced uncooked organic scallions/green onion to the filling – these would cook along with the egg/cream/cheese filling, no need to pre-cook the onions since they are more delicate than the asparagus. (I love the smell of green onions, so the finished product was smelling delicious.)

We also decided on cheddar cheese instead of Swiss.

I would definitely try my hand at making quiche again. Perhaps making another one without crust entirely, or buying a frozen crust. We had left-overs the next day, and I put together a wanna-be Nicoise salad to go with it.

I even made an asparagus soup with the left over pieces of asparagus, that I trimmed from the bottoms of the asparagus that I used for the quiche. I boiled the pieces really well until very soft, added a little cream to the asparagus and broth, about a tablespoon of butter, salt, and pepper and blended well with a hand-held blender, then strained.