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Haunted Mansion Ring

Haunted Mansion Ring

I’m sure you have probably heard about the wedding ring story…right?

If you haven’t here is the long story short. There used to be a sawed off metal pole (that looked like a ring) was embedded in the concrete, and Disney fans made up a story that it was the bride’s ring, you know, the creepy woman in the attic who kills all her husbands. Anyways, the metal piece was covered over with concrete and fans were really upset about it, eventually Disney imagineers replaced the ring, with a more genuine looking wedding ring.

We finally were able to find it and take a photo. It’s in the new cemetery section, slightly hidden from the normal walking path, and pretty hard to see at night. If you need help finding it, ask a cast member near the cemetery section, usually there is one manning the fast pass check point, and they can point it out to you (if they are nice about it).