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Dad's Brownie Sundae - 50s Prime Time Cafe

Dad’s Brownie Sundae – 50s Prime Time Cafe

Check out this sundae!

’50s Prime Time Cafe Menu:
Dad’s Brownie Sundae – chocolate brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Fudge, Caramel sauce, whipped cream and toppings $6.49

This sundae is different from most. The menu doesn’t specifically mention the caramel popcorn as seen in the photo. It also doesn’t mention the M&Ms or Mickey jim-jams specifically – it just falls under “toppings”.

For those of you who like caramel popcorn (like Cracker Jacks) then this is a neat surprise, for anyone who hates caramel popcorn, not so much.  My husband wasn’t a fan of the popcorn.

It’s big enough for two people to share. This sundae tasted better than one we had at The Plaza restaurant (I had to give some demerits for the stale nuts they used at The Plaza). And for the record, I actually like the popcorn added – surprisingly! I would have never thought of adding candy popcorn to a sundae.  Overall, I thought this sundae was as good or better than the brownie sundaes at Storybook Treats.