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Top 5 Disney Vacation Complaints and How to Avoid Them: Part 5 Theft
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Continuing on my 5 part series…


After spending a considerable amount of time on identifying and tackling these top 5 Disney complaints, I have decided to split this into 5 parts, a 5 post series.

What are the biggies? I’ve selected five major points that come up repeatedly: FastPass+, Disney Food Expectations, Advanced Dining Reservations, Understanding Ticket Options & Admission, and Theft.

Chances are you have heard or read negative feedback about Disney at one time or another. Possibly you have left a negative review about Disney at some point in your life. Sometimes the complaints can be totally justified, and I get that; unfortunately, those situations are not in your control, believe me, I’ve been there too and it sucks (cough…Magic Bands).

Simply put, there seems to be two types of complaints a) situations that are out of your control b) situations that are within your control. I’ve read so many complaints and they usually fall into these two categories. After reading so many “b” type complaints, you can’t help but wonder how some people ended up having such a bad time or what planet are they living on? Especially when the things they are complaining about are aspects that are practically 100% in their control! With a little research, forethought, and planning, some of the problems, confusion, unrealistic expectations can be avoided.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Know before you go”? I’m sure you have. You need to remember that and you will end up having a much better time if you live by that motto. Some people refuse to take any responsibility for their crappy time, and blame Disney for not magically whisking them away on a non-stop fantastic vacation. They see the commercials on TV and think that magic just happens, and that it’s included in the price of their vacation. It’s not. You have to do it yourself. You have to do the planning and legwork.

Part 5 Theft

5) Theft

Occasionally I will come across posts about theft at Walt Disney World. I’m not saying this is 100% avoidable in all circumstances. But for the most part, some of this is within your control if you exercise caution. A good rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution even when your guard is down or relaxed.

Yes, it is Disney – the Happiest Place on Earth, but that doesn’t mean that thieves don’t exist, they do. Most likely thieves are looking for easy pickings; trolling around the resorts, theme parks, or Downtown Disney. Even a generally good person, may be tempted to do something unthinkable if there is little or no risk. Don’t give anyone the chance to steal from you.

Here is what you can do. Be sure to keep your valuables in a secure place. Keep your bags with you at all times. Don’t leave anything valuable in your stroller(s). There are lockers for rent at the theme parks and at the pool areas. Do not leave your stroller outside in Downtown Disney, if you are going into Disney Quest, you can’t bring in your stroller, so leave it in the car or hotel room if possible. There are people who steal strollers, especially if you have one “worth stealing”. If you have an expensive stroller, perhaps just rent a stroller instead for the day.

Keep your credit card number covered, don’t ever leave it on the table where it is visible. In this day and age, people can take excellent quality photos and could easily snap a photo of your card without you knowing it.

If you are using your Magic Band linked to your hotel room to make purchases, keep your pin number private, don’t make your pin number easy, like 1111 or 1234; keep your receipts and be sure to check your bill when you checkout.

If you want to buy souvenirs or special balloons, wait until you are ready to leave the park and do your shopping on the way out. This way you don’t have to lug the stuff around all day long or leave it in the stroller unattended while you are riding on rides. And you would be less likely to forget your items behind. If you are staying at a Disney Resort, you can have your purchases delivered to your resort, if you don’t want to carry them.

Don’t leave your belongings by the pool (shoes, bags, phones, glasses, etc.), someone should be designated to watch your stuff if you are bringing things poolside. Your choices are to either leave it in your room, lock it up in a locker, or watch it. People can have their pool bags swiped easily, phones, tablets, laptops, or other gadgets in your bag can be taken in an instant while you are trying to enjoy yourself in the pool. Disney has an open resort policy, this means that people from the outside world are welcome to visit the resort. That means on any given day thieves can slip in looking for an easy score. Disney has been getting better about fencing off the pool areas, so that they can only be accessed by hotel guests, but many of the smaller pools do not have gated areas.

Don’t leave your belongings in your hotel room bed and don’t leave them lying around the room in the open, don’t forget things behind in the drawers either. Don’t leave cash or anything valuable lying around. If you leave something in the hotel bed, it can easily get lost, if housekeeping takes the linens – you can kiss it goodbye. There isn’t a very good chance of recovering the item. Even stuffed animals or your special blankets or pillows shouldn’t be left in the bed. I’ve read that sometimes “mouse”-keeping (housekeeping) will rearrange stuffed animals and pose them on the bed while you are gone, just be sure to grab any of your personal items out from the bed before you leave your room again, just in case they come to strip the bed and do laundry that day.

Don’t leave anything valuable visible in your car, it is best to keep valuables with you, but if you have to leave it in the car, cover it or secure it. Always lock your car doors and double-check the handles, that it was locked properly.

You should consider using the room safe or another secure method – there are travel safes you can buy, it might be worth looking into. I have even seen posts about housekeeping stealing from safes by using duplicate keys or master keys – this would be extremely rare, but it has happened.

Do not answer your room door to a stranger. Chances are you aren’t going to be bothered by anyone. Usually, if a cast member comes to your room it is because you requested something, like bell services to deliver your bags, room service, or housekeeping.

I’ve also read about Pizza scams, where scammers slip paper flyers under hotel room doors advertising pizza, and then when people call the number to order pizza, they steal their credit card number. If you are ordering pizza, look up the number yourself, don’t trust a flyer. Disney doesn’t allow advertisements in their hotels like the way other hotels do. If you need a number for pizza, you can look a pizza place on your phone or your internet device. The last time I checked there was a Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Flippers within the delivery area. The only legit dining information in your room is in the Disney provided information packet on your table, the package contains information about the hotel, services, and food – like in-room dining or the resort restaurants.

If you see anything suspicious, tell a cast member.

In conclusion, I hope that you have been able to glean some useful information from my 5 post series and hopefully all your Disney vacations will be happy ones.