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If you missed Part 1 about FastPass+. Please check it out here: http://wp.me/p1RJwY-gT


After spending a considerable amount of time on identifying and tackling these top 5 Disney complaints, I have decided to split this into 5 parts, a 5 post series.

What are the biggies? I’ve selected five major points that come up repeatedly: FastPass+, Disney Food Expectations, Advanced Dining Reservations, Understanding Ticket Options & Admission, and Theft.

Chances are you have heard or read negative feedback about Disney at one time or another. Possibly you have left a negative review about Disney at some point in your life. Sometimes the complaints can be totally justified, and I get that; unfortunately, those situations are not in your control, believe me, I’ve been there too and it sucks (cough…Magic Bands).

Simply put, there seems to be two types of complaints a) situations that are out of your control b) situations that are within your control. I’ve read so many complaints and they usually fall into these two categories. After reading so many “b” type complaints, you can’t help but wonder how some people ended up having such a bad time or what planet are they living on? Especially when the things they are complaining about are aspects that are practically 100% in their control! With a little research, forethought, and planning, some of the problems, confusion, unrealistic expectations can be avoided.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Know before you go”? I’m sure you have. You need to remember that and you will end up having a much better time if you live by that motto. Some people refuse to take any responsibility for their crappy time, and blame Disney for not magically whisking them away on a non-stop fantastic vacation. They see the commercials on TV and think that magic just happens, and that it’s included in the price of their vacation. It’s not. You have to do it yourself. You have to do the planning and legwork.

2) Disney Food Expectations

So many people are expecting to be blown away by Disney Food, the truth is, there is a huge variety of food available and prices vary greatly. You may be expecting every bite to be delicious and fantastic, but you may have unrealistic expectations. Those of us who are self-proclaimed Disney experts can tell you what food is available and the price ranges, even offer opinions about the food offerings, but bottom-line this is one category that is going to vary for most people.

Jiko Flat Bread

Jiko Flat Bread

Disney is feeding thousands of people per day, and even when their quality control is at it’s best – you may just not like what you are eating. I might be bursting your bubble here, the consensus is, that in general Magic Kingdom doesn’t have very good food. For instance, I don’t like Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom, the hot dog I got from there last time was disgusting, the bread was stale, and watery from the toppings. It was soggy and gross. I love the smell of sauerkraut – so it always smells good to me, but I know better, I’m going to be disappointed. That is not to say that people out there have had awesome lunches or dinners there, just not me. I just haven’t found the right thing on their menu. I’ve read a lot of people like the mini corn-dog bites.

You can find some good stuff to eat on the menus, but some things are hit or miss. It doesn’t matter if you are eating at a Quick Service spot or a Signature Restaurant, until you try it, read about it, or ask about it, you may end up ordering a couple of losers. Individual tastes and dining experiences will vary; if you accept that going into it, you probably aren’t going to be as heartbroken as some people who feel their entire vacation is ruined.

Blue Cheese Romaine Wedge Salad

Blue Cheese Romaine Wedge Salad

When they opened Be Our Guest, it was like a whole new approach aiming to be higher end food, everyone is crazy about the new restaurant. It is crowded with long lines everyday! They combined Quick Service dining with the feel of a sit down table service restaurant. We’ve eaten there for lunch and in all honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with the food. The restaurant itself is impressive, the theme and decor is top-notch. I’d say it probably is the most popular quick service restaurant at Magic Kingdom. Dinner is full-service with much higher prices.

We finally had gotten a chance to eat at Be Our Guest last year. Our friends had been raving about it, and the food just wasn’t all that amazing to me, next time I’ll try a different sandwich and perhaps have better luck. I think our friends really love the experience. I totally understand that, I am the same way about certain places, I love Sci-Fi Dine In. There are many places at Disney that have that same sway over me. I just hate to see people get their hopes up so high and then be surprised when it’s not everything they dreamed of.

Artist Point Scallops

Artist Point Scallops

Dining budget is a factor and you will definitely be paying more to eat on Disney property. There are ways to off set how much you spend if you are frugal (I’ve made a post this subject), some people like the dining plan, the dining plans are still costly and have rules. Some people prefer to avoid the dining plan, you can research menus before hand and get an idea about prices and places.

Olivia's Cuban Sandwich

Olivia’s Cuban Sandwich

If you want to do more research about Disney Food, you can look online for reviews, menus, and photos, plus you can find information about the dining plans as well. This is definitely something that you have a certain degree of control over. I recommend http://www.allears.net for Disney restaurant menus, and of course you can find lots of information at the Disney World website.