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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

This is a bona-fide Hoop Dee Doo Strawberry Shortcake. We were celebrating our anniversary at Disney and we had stopped in at Crockett’s Tavern (@ Trail’s End) and we really REALLY wanted a Strawberry Shortcake for dessert, depending on the cast member (I won’t name names) they may charge you for it – just a heads up. If you are very lucky (it’s not on the menu and can’t usually be ordered), you can experience this amazing dessert while you are at Trail’s End or Crockett’s Tavern, like for a birthday celebration or anniversary, it’s worth the money even if they do charge you for it. I think the cost was something like $12, they rang this one up as two portions of Strawberry Shortcake @ $6 each.

Now, let’s talk about this dessert. This is my *favorite* Strawberry Shortcake at Disney, or anywhere for that matter, no one makes it better than this in my opinion. This delicious bit of heaven is constructed of a thick piece of yellow cake sprinkled with crystallized sugar, the cake is sliced in half (like a bun) and filled with real whipped cream.  It is topped with even more whip cream and surrounded by a moat of delicious strawberries in syrup. It’s perfect for two people to share, that is – as long as you aren’t shy about digging in. If you are the kind of person who takes one bite and pushes it away, try the Trail’s End buffet instead for dinner, they recently added a modified version of this Strawberry Shortcake to the dessert bar. (Served as cake loaf slices with whip cream and strawberries on a long platter) We’ve never seen it on the dessert bar before in the past, my guess is that they added it because Strawberries are in season? or by popular demand!