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If you haven’t even stopped in to the Tune-In Lounge (walk up bar) or the 50’s Prime Time Cafe (reservations required), here is a little photo tour of the place, some outside signage and some glances at the inside.
This is a very busy place to be, it slows down right before closing time. Thankfully you can squeeze in here in a pinch before closing and still order food at the Tune-In Lounge Bar.

The Tune In Lounge

The Tune In Lounge

The 50's Prime Time Diner

The 50’s Prime Time Cafe

The lounge and restaurant are connected inside. They share the same bathrooms and waiting area. The bar is located to the left of the 50’s Prime Time restaurant and check-in desk. The restaurant is really cool looking, everything is 1950’s decor, lots of knickknacks and quirky furniture. Especially cool during Christmas!

50's Prime Time Menu

50’s Prime Time Menu

Lots of comfort foods on the menu. If you will notice, the PB&J Milkshake is the very first item on the menu, but it isn’t listed in the dessert section! And surprisingly, the Chocolate & PB milkshake isn’t listed on the menu. (There is probably a newer version of the menu, this one might be outdated)

The PB&J Milkshake

The PB&J Milkshake

It may not look impressive or different from any other milkshake, but it sure is delicious and flavorful. I’ve also tried the Chocolate & Peanut Butter Milkshake on another occasion and that one was too intense for me, a lot sweeter than the PB&J. If you have a serious sweet tooth and can handle that level of sugar you may like the Chocolate & PB. Consuming a giant milkshake isn’t something I would consider on a hot day, I learned that the hard way – be warned, you might get a little sick walking around in the heat after eating that much sugar.

Still some left in the cup

Still some left in the cup

This milkshake is big enough to share in my opinion, unless you have got some mad milkshake drinking skills.

People waiting to be seated at 50's Prime Time

People waiting in “Dad’s Living Room” to be seated at 50’s Prime Time

If you are wanting to stop in at the Tune-In Lounge, I recommend coming in about 30 minutes before closing. That gives enough time for you to place your food and drink order, although it’s not ideal if you like to linger, but at least the majority of the crowds will start to leave by then, and there should be some seats available at the bar.

If you want the full 50’s experience with cast members in character and dining in the retro kitchen atmosphere: 50’s designs and formica counters, be sure to book an Advanced Dining Reservation as I am pretty sure they don’t accept walk-ins at 50’s Prime Time Cafe.