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The Wanyama Safari is a special experience offered at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge which combines animal viewing followed by fine dining, the cost per person at the time was approximately $190 per person (includes tax and gratuity), the duration of the experience was approximately 4-5 hours.

The safari starts and ends at Jiko. Wanyama Safari guest will meet up at Jiko for some light refreshment and meet the head chef and a cultural representative from Africa, they will answer questions and interact with guests for a short time while guests eat and drink their snacks.

After the snack, the safari begins, each guest is loaded into the safari vehicle which is located at the front of Animal Kingdom Lodge. You meet your safari guide who will be with you for the safari portion of your experience. The zookeeper is extremely knowledgeable and caring about the animals that they have there at AKL and at the AKL theme park. You get to see some behind the scenes things going on around the hotel and how they care for the animals, plus you get some close up views of the animals that live there. Plenty of photo opportunities. The safari was very enjoyable, educational, and relaxing.

The safari concludes with a signature meal multi-course meal at Jiko which includes a mixed drink cocktail and wine pairings with the meal, note that any additional alcohol would be added to your bill. You start out with some flat breads and dips, then a small appetizer trio, followed by a family style main course meal with side dishes, and finally a trio of individual desserts. We had a very enjoyable time and met some really nice people at the safari.

I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys behind the scenes tours, animals, and signature dining. It is ideal for a memorable celebration, like a special birthday or anniversary. Each guest also gets a small goodie bag, which includes a small jar of spices, a recipe, a pin, and some chocolate. I’ve included a sampling of a few photos I took from our Wanyama Safari, enjoy.  (We attended on Thanksgiving, so our menu included Turkey and possibly some other slight alterations.)

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