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So, it’s that time of year again. (See my entry from Feb 2014 about last year’s price increase.)

Walt Disney World raises prices again! The Magic Kingdom ticket go from $99 to $105 (a $6 increase); Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot go from $94 per day to $99 (a $5 increase, before tax). Plus increases across the board for annual passes of all types.

From my blog entry Feb 2014:
“I’ve looked at the annual increases on Annual Passes over the last five years and we have been paying a total of $145 more now than in the past! In 2010, the increase was a modest $10, then in 2011 is jumped to $20, in 2012 the increase was pretty sizeable at $55, another large increase in 2013 of $35, now we get the 2014 increase of $25 – and we are only in Feb. If anyone should be complaining, it looks like Annual Passholders are paying a great deal more than in the past.”

Basically, we’re looking at a $10 increase for 1-day MK ticket as compared to 2013 prices.
And again, they hit AP holders with a greater increase this year, $44 increase in 2015. Bringing the increase to $189 since 2010, and a $69 increase since 2013. What was extremely frustrating for me this time was that I was told by two cast members that there was no increase coming. I spoke with customer service on Friday 2/20 and they denied it, or rather – could not make any comments based on third party websites. And on Saturday 2/21, the guest relations cast member also said there was no increase on annual passes, claiming the increase was only effecting single day tickets – this being said while we were actually purchasing annual pass renewal vouchers (to lock in the 2014 price). I felt like she was discouraging us from buying the PAP ticket vouchers. Low and behold come 2/22, the rumors were true and increases all across the board. We saved about $96 combined on our two passes, not the end of the world if we had to pay it, but definitely a significant savings for buying them now for when our renewal comes up. Too bad you can’t get a straight answer out of WDW customer service. Perhaps “no comment” is better than misinformation.

Despite the ticket increase, I still believe that most visitors are taking advantage of multi-day park tickets or passes rather than paying full day prices. As a consumer, it just makes more sense to factor that into any buying decision I would make. With the Avatar expansion, and rumored Star Wars expansion, I can only guess that the increases are needed to make these upgrades. Park attendance and resort occupancy is at an all time high, as of Q4 2014. If park attendance continues to increase despite the raised ticket prices, we can expect to continue to see the same trend next year. This all coincides with the new Disney Vacation Club offering at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, booking for this new inventory (the Bora Bora bungalows and studios) just started less than 3 weeks ago. The first guests should be staying there starting in April. I expect 2015 will be a strong year for Disney.