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We received some promotional offers from Chase Disney Visa Credit Card for referring friends and family. Everyone we know either already has the card, or doesn’t want to get one. Between us, we have 12 referrals that we can give out. (updated 3/21/15 – I have at least 8 referrals left.)

If you are looking for the referral info for the $200 gift card offer, let me know at mydisneyblog7777@outlook.com
Please include your first and last name, and your zip code and that you need the $200 Disney Referral info.

Must apply by phone by 3/31/15, **you would get $200 Disney gift card by mail after spending $500 within 3 months of account opening**. This is the NO ANNUAL FEE card. Most of the time they only give a $50 bonus.

Also, a married couple can apply separately and each can get the $200 card as long as you both fulfill their offer requirements.

Please note that I make no expressed or implied warranty or guarantee in regards to this offer. This offer is through Disney Chase Visa subject to their terms, agreements, approvals; I am only able to provide the referral information that they have provided me, in order for you to apply for this special offer.