I’m trying to eat less meat and I feel better for substituting tofu for meat when possible, it’s healthier and it’s cruelty free. I think making my own tofu is better than buying processed vegetarian products, like Morningstar or Boca, they are usually loaded with sodium and other ingredients, plus when you buy tofu to cook with you can buy the organic stuff!

I haven’t tried frying it yet, I’m going to need a deep fryer if I attempt it, I hate frying on the stove. I’m still discovering new ways to use Tofu. I’ve been trying various marinades, cooking times, and oven temperatures for cooking tofu for the last couple months. I use extra firm organic tofu. Because I prefer tofu to be dried out, it means I have to bake it for quite a while. I’ve found that cooking it at 325 degrees for 1 hour and 20 minutes to 1 hour and a half yields the best results. One pack of tofu yields about 11-12 slices. I’ve used A1 steak sauce straight from the bottle as a marinade, and it comes out pretty well if you like A1. I also make my own marinades, and have even just used a little olive oil and salt and pepper – tastes similar to chicken!

I’ll just use a small bowl and make sure than both sides of the tofu slice are covered with the marinade. Parchment paper is great for baking tofu. The lower temperature of 325 also keeps the marinade from giving off a lot of smoke. I’ve noticed at higher temperatures it puts off a lot of steam/vapor in the oven, this also depends on what you dip the tofu in, I think A1 puts off a lot of smoke.

Tofu is really versatile. I think I just discovered my a combination that tastes a little like breakfast sausage.
Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Paprika, Salt, Pepper, a little Cheyenne pepper. I tried some in a biscuit and it was so good. Definitely will use this again for breakfast. For the chicken flavor tofu – I think the olive oil, salt and pepper is best. For Mexican flavors – you can use a ready made taco seasoning with a little olive oil, or make your own using chili powder and a dash of cumin.

Breaded tofu – use Italian seasoned breadcrumbs to cover the tofu slices and bake. Cover with tomato sauce and/or mozzarella cheese!

Tofu jerky – soy sauce, a little vegetable oil (olive or canola), powdered ginger, keep it cooking for a little longer and let it dry out more. You can get it really close in texture. I’ve used left over tofu and fried it up in the pan and it resembles bacon or sausage. Add a couple cage-free organic eggs and you’ve got a nice breakfast.