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We were really hungry and didn’t have any dining reservation for dinner. Plus it was Star Wars weekends… and I didn’t really plan ahead. Luckily, you can order dinner at the Tune-In Lounge and dine at the bar. The bar is pretty small, there are probably only about 10-12 seats in total. We happened to grab two seats since two people just finished eating. The ’50s Prime Time menu consists mostly comfort foods, meat loaf, pot roast, fried chicken, etc. We decided to split an order of onion rings as a appetizer.

Onion Rings - 50s Prime Time Cafe

Onion Rings – ’50s Prime Time Cafe

“Battered Onion Rings – served with horseradish sauce”

I liked the horseradish sauce, I would have liked the onion rings a lot more if they weren’t SO greasy. I’m thinking they got cooked at the wrong temperature because when something is fried right – it just isn’t that greasy.

Vegetarian Lasagne - 50s Prime Time Cafe

Vegetarian Lasagne – ’50s Prime Time Cafe

“Cousin’s Ryan’s Vegetable Lasagna – layers of zucchini, roasted mushroom, soy proteins, ricotta and mozzarella cheese, served with marinara sauce and topped with crispy multi-grain pasta”

My husband ordered the vegetarian lasagna, it tasted really good. Their marinara sauce is a little on the lemony side, you definitely taste some tartness in the sauce. It was good overall, I would consider ordering it next time. We have both been trying to eat more vegetarian for months, kudos to him for going with the vegetarian option.

Fried Chicken - 50's Prime Time Cafe

Fried Chicken – ’50s Prime Time Cafe

“Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken – served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, chicken gravy and collard greens with bacon”

I, however, ordered the fried chicken on this occasion. I wanted to try it since it always seems to be highly recommended; it was crispy but not too greasy. It was a fairly large portion of chicken, I had left overs, so that’s always good. The sides were okay. I think I like the herb smashed potatoes over at Whispering Canyon the best, they are hard to beat.

Our bartender/waitress was really excellent, despite being incredibly busy from walk-up customers at the bar and servers coming by for their tables drinks, she kept our drinks full and made sure to check on us to make sure we had everything we needed for our meal.

Although you don’t get the full ’50s Prime Time experience by sitting at the bar, you will be able to get something good to eat without a reservation. If you are looking for the full ’50s Prime Time experience you will have to book a reservation in advance and eat in the restaurant. You can expect some “antics” with your meal, where the server is in character, and will tell you to “eat your veggies”, or “no elbows on the table”, that sort of thing. I’m sure we will be back, most likely at the bar, it’s nice to just be able to get a good hot meal in Hollywood Studios without having to worry about making a reservation. Now if they could only figure out how to do the same thing over at Mama Melrose’s – we’ll be all set!!