For those of you who have not watched Breaking Bad to completion. You should stop reading now. Spoiler Alert.


When watching the last season of Breaking Bad, I had no idea that Walter would die at the end. Or did he?

I have an alternate theory, I don’t really think Walter is dead. Yesterday Bryan Cranston hinted that there might be more Breaking Bad. So, this gives me more credence in what I had thought they would do all along.
I believe that they gave a hint in Episode 12 ‘Rabid Dog’. If you want to rewatch that and then see if you can tell, stop reading now.

If you will recall Marie in her therapist’s office, she was telling him about how a family friend betrayed her family, and how she wanted to poison him and kill him for what he has done to her family. Here is where I think they dropped a hint, Marie actually lists off different poisons AND their effects on the human body. This whole scene felt strange to me, like something just didn’t fit with her normal character.
She said something that stuck out to me, a poison that causes paralysis like symptoms mimicking death.
Bingo, this could have been foreshadowing. Walter is smarter than Marie, we know this based on the series, and Walter is already knowledgeable about poisons – he’s already been working with different poisons throughout the series, so one would have to assume that Walter would also be aware of the paralytic poisons as well. If he didn’t know which to use, he had enough time to research it.

We must take into account Walter White has the most remarkable will to live, his self-preservation instincts are really what controls his behavior. He has had to make many hard decisions along the way, and he always has chosen to live. In the final showdown, he perhaps thought he would not survive, but I believe that with he would have already had a contingency plan in place if he did make it that far. This is why I do not really believe Walter is dead. I didn’t believe it even when I saw the last scene of the show.

My theory is that Walter White poisoned himself with a paralytic agent and timed it so that he would be picked up, taken to the morgue, and eventually wake up in the morgue and walk right out. By faking his own death, it gives him a clean slate, a resurrection, if you will. There were loose threads, we still want to know what happens to the characters, especially Jesse. I know many people were satisfied with the ending, but I am still holding out hope that Walter survived.

Bring back Breaking Bad!