We stopped in to Le Cellier yesterday for a late lunch. It was our first time ever eating there, even though we’ve been going to Epcot for decades, it always seemed impossible to get reservations on that short of notice, but I was able to book the same day which was pretty cool.

We didn’t have to wait long to be seated, the restaurant was actually smaller than I expected, even though I already knew it is one of the smallest at WDW. Unfortunately, because it was our first time there, we didn’t know the lay of the land so to speak, so we were not familiar with the seating arrangements, it’s really cramped, and they put us on the aisle where there was a lot of traffic among the staff. And we were seated next to others even through the restaurant was 80% empty. They really could have done a better job of spreading people out and seating us in a better spot. But, we know for next time.

The drinks and bread took a while to be brought out. The bread was as good as everyone has said, the pretzel bread was hot and fresh and was delicious.

The menu items sounded delicious. I ordered the Lobster Cobb salad as a starter. It was good, but a little on the lemony side, only a few bits of lobster chunks, but it’s what you would expect from a signature restaurant (small portion sizes). I wasn’t feeling like eating an entree, and I’ve heard rave reviews about the poutines. I ordered the Lobster Poutine to share with DH. DH ordered the chicken entree.

I was really disappointed with the poutine. The lobster was chopped so small it was like a bit of chowder sauce on top of fries. The fries were soggy and soft. I ate a little and DH did as well, it tasted okay, nothing special at all, and for $16 this was a real bust. On a side note, I love the fries at Cookes of Dublin and those are just a few bucks and they are really satisfying. I’m not that picky really and like I mentioned if Cookes of Dublin can crank out an exceptional product for their low cost, for $16 you expect quality and it seemed like they really failed at making fries. If I had been to Le Cellier before and had the poutine and it was better than this, then I would have some basis for comparison, but since it was our first time, I have to assume that this is their standard for the poutine.

My husband was really impressed with the taste of his entree. He loved every bite of it. I agree, it was delicious. Portion size was small, again typical signature size meal, which is what we were expecting. Definitely on par with the food from Artist Point which we also like. We skipped dessert, we were both full – mostly from bread I am guessing, we were hungry when we sat down and proceeding to get filled up on it.

Next time I will pass on the poutine and select something else from the menu. I do like filet mignon, so perhaps I’ll try it next time, or maybe the soup and a different salad.

We enjoyed the food, sans the poutine, and the atmosphere; small hiccup on the seating arrangement and a little slow to start, but our server was friendly and did a good job overall. The cost for our food with tip came in at just under $70 with the Tables in Wonderland card. We definitely will go back to Le Cellier in the future.