We had an early dinner at Martha’s Vineyard.  We originally were headed to Beaches and Cream, but the wait was about 30-35 minutes. We stopped in Martha’s Vineyard Lounge and checked out the food menu. Although it was only a small selection of food, we were happy to see that they had a Fried Seafood Tacos.  As a side note, we frequent Bonefish Grill (a chain seafood restaurant) – which has great shrimp or fish tacos, so this menu item something we would hopefully enjoy. The fish of the day was cod, we both like almost all types of seafood, especially cod, so we went ahead and ordered.  My husband ordered a Sam Adams Summer Ale draft as well.

It took about 15 minutes to get our orders, one order comes with 2 tacos topped with a veggie slaw and a side of pico de gallo ($8.49).  The tacos were awesome, and very filling.  The fish was cooked perfectly and tasted great. I enjoyed every bite. Definitely one of the better meals we have had at WDW. The only thing they could have done to improve on it would have been to add a few tortilla chips to the meal so you can eat it with the pico, not really a big deal because I don’t really need the extra calories.

We were plesantly surprised that the food was this good.  Considering how incredibly hard it is to get a walk-up to Cape May or Beaches and Cream, this is an oasis for weary travelers.  Next time we find ourselves in the Beach Club/Yacht Club area, this will make a great place to stop in for a quick and tasty dinner!

They accept the Tables in Wonderland Discount Card here, saves 20% off your food and alcohol (before tip).