We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House) last year, I had booked a pool view, but it ended up being obstructed with no view of the pool, so they offered to upgrade us to a Savannah View room because there was no other pool view available.  We would probably have never spent the extra money in the future to see what a savannah view room is like, so we accepted – at least we would get to try it once.

They gave us a room facing the Sunset Savannah off of Zebra Trail.  The only downside was that we were twice as far away from the center of the hotel as we were originally and the opposite side from the pool, which was inconvenient. This hotel is really quite large and they must have been getting close to being fully booked if we had to be reassigned to the last section of Zebra Trail.

A lot of people ask if the savannah view is worth it, that is a hard call, it really just depends on what matters most to you. It is definitely a unique experience to be able to watch the animals from your balcony, I just don’t think I would have spent the money, I think that it would have cost about $300+ a night; whereas the pool view with the same promotional offer would be around $200-225 a night.  There are many areas at both Kidani Village and Jambo House where you can view the animals.  Some areas even have rocking chairs, and most of the time those areas are not crowded at all.

These are a few photos I took from our balcony.  It was a rainy weekend, it was drizzling a little for most of the day, but the temperature outside was pleasant.  There was a food box right in front of us where the giraffes would come to eat.  Occasionally a service vehicle would drive through to leave food for the animals.  I think they did a great job with the theming of the resort and  I think the animals are happy in their habitat and they all looked very well taken care of.  Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of my favorite WDW resorts.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

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