I love old books, and cookbooks in particular, and add in my love of all things Disney – you get someone who collects Disney cookbooks. I was lucky enough to find a copy of Cooking with Mickey around our world at a used book store, as well as a few books I’ve purchased on eBay. I still scour the shelves at the used book store every time to find another hidden gem to add to my Disney cookbooks.  I also collect other cookbooks that pique my interest.  Unfortunately I rarely ever use any of the recipes I have, cooking for just two people doesn’t inspire me to go all out like I would for a hosted dinner party with guests.  When push comes to shove, I’ll look up a recipe on online if I’m in a hurry to find something quickly.  Rather than let my recipes go to waste, I thought I could at least share some with others who might be recipe fanciers like myself.  Even if you don’t make them now, sometimes it’s just fun to read them and collect them for later when you may have the occasion.

On a related note, I recently organized my hand-me-down McCall’s 1970’s Set of recipe cards that I got from my parents. I was looking for the Sicilian Cake Recipe card specifically because my mom loves this cake, and the card wasn’t there.  It’s a two layer cake with sweet ricotta filling with chopped fruits, and a chocolate shell.  I’m fairly sure I can make something similar without the recipe.  But, if anyone happens to have this recipe set, and this recipe, please send me a link or leave a message in the comments section.