If you are staying on property at Walk Disney World you may want to stop in for a Quick Service meal at Captain Cook’s.  Best of all they are open 24 hours.  One of the few places where you can get food, drinks, and snacks late at night after most restaurants have closed, and their hot food is actually pretty good.  It’s a nice little place with Hawaiian themed decor.  I just love the giant hibiscus tiles on some of the walls.

At Captain Cook’s they do have a full service kitchen, so they are cooking your food to order, menu items include a Mahi Mahi sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, a variety of flatbreads (Pizza), an “Adult Grilled Cheese” Sandwich – several kinds of yummy cheeses, plus salads, and even sushi (a small selection of what they offer at the sushi bar at Kona). Just like the other resort quick service restaurants, they have cold beverages, beer, wine, fountain drinks, coffee, tea, snacks, dairy items, fruit cups, desserts (including apple charlottes which I seem to get a hankering for when we stop in for food) and more.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner; most menu items cost less than $10. Their kitchen hours are limited even though they are open 24 hours. They stop cooking dinner at 11:00 pm but will start their breakfast service the next morning.

My only complaint is that their dinner side dishes are a bit blah, if you are eating healthy, their steamed veggies are a disappointment (steamed onions and celery just isn’t cutting it) , and the asian slaw is just so-so.  If you eat here, just go for the fries, unless you are like me and view the side dish as an extra – not really the main event.  Their strong suit is definitely the main dish.  Perhaps in the future they will come up with a better alternative side dish.  I’ve found this to be the case at all of the resort quick service, they just can’t do healthy side dishes that come up to par.  I recommend the grilled cheese sandwich (comes with tomato, unless you ask for them to take it off). And I’m also a fan of the Tonga Toast.

Their ordering system is via touch screen, you just walk up, touch the screen to enter your selections, side items, quantity, when you are done you complete the order, it prints out a ticket.  That ticket goes to the kitchen as well and they prepare your order, I don’t think there is anyway to modify ingredients, so if you don’t want bacon, or tomato, or some other item on your food you will have to tell someone right away.  Once that is done, you take your ticket along with your other purchases and go to the register, you can also tell the cashier you want soft drinks as well, you give them your printed ticket and the will add up your total.  After paying for your meal, they hand you a pager, when your meals are ready your pager goes off and you bring it up to the pick up area, to grab your food.

Tip – This is the only other place besides Kona Cafe, where you can order Tonga Toast for breakfast, and it’s less expensive, they also offer a Bounty Platter (a little of everything), Mickey Waffle, and Breakfast Croissant.  Also, you can actually get a Dole Whip (pineapple soft-serve) here, good to know if you don’t want to make the long haul to the Magic Kingdom when you have a craving for one.   Another benefit of eating at resort counter service is that you get free refills on your soft drinks while you are dining. I know at the parks, for example at Pecos Bills, you wouldn’t get any refill on your drink – bummer, I know.

There is also outside seating, if you want some fresh air and enjoy the outside views.  As a bonus, you can actually see fireworks from the Magic Kingdom while sitting at a window side table. Or better yet, walk down to the beach after you eat and see them from a great vantage point.

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t want to sit down and eat for an hour or more or we are just looking to save some money.  Captain Cook’s is a great value, when compared to the other dining options at the Polynesian, you can get filled up for a lot less money, and still have an enjoyable meal without any fuss.  The sushi is several dollars less per roll than what you would pay upstairs at Kona, and you don’t have to wait and you don’t have to tip either. You can be in and out of there pretty quick and back on your way.