Caramel Ginger Ice Cream

Tofu & Vegetable Stir Fry

Pork Dumpings in Broth

Shrimp & Chicken Egg Rolls

Shrimp & Chicken Egg Rolls

It’s been a long while since we have eaten at Nine Dragons.  The last time we ate there we ordered all appetizers and drinks.  We were at Epcot and were looking for someplace to eat.  We were already worn out from the walking and humidity, unfortunately we didn’t make any reservations to eat anywhere.  Usually we decide before hand, but we thought we may eat at a quick service restaurant, but with the humidity being overwhelming it seemed better to just go to a sit-down restaurant and cool off.

I checked the phone to see what places were available, Nine Dragons had a 7:30 pm available, but it was only 5:45 pm, so we figured they may take us without a reservation.  Mexico was booked up, so no point asking them, the line was already long, we have never had any luck doing a walk-up with Mexico.  We kept walking until we got to China.  There was a hostess outside, we asked if they could take us, and she said yes, and to go inside.  Inside there was already a line forming and quite a few people waiting on the benches.  We waited about 10 minutes before we got to the podium, she asked if we had reservations, we said no, but she said your table is ready please stand here.  We were ushered to the side to wait for a greeter to seat us. All in all this was not a bad experience for having no reservation.  We were concerned they would turn us away at the last-minute, but they didn’t.

Once seated, we were greeted by our server relatively quick.  After taking a little time to look over the menu we decided on the Chicken and Shrimp Eggrolls for an appetizer. I ordered a Blackberry Jasmine Tea, and the pre-set dinner, I chose the Chicken Consumme with Pork Dumplings, Pepper Canton Beef, and Caramel-Ginger Ice Cream, the set price was $23.98.  My husband ordered the Tofu and Vegetable Stir Fry ($15.98) and a soda.  We were very happy with the food and service.  The eggrolls were awesome, wish they had them over at the quick service counter (they have pork eggrolls instead).  I would probably try a different meal next time, I like beef, but there was a lot of it.  I also loved the Blackberry Jasmine Tea and Caramel-Ginger ice cream, will get those again. Our server was very nice, we chatted with him a couple of times for a minute or two, he was very personable.

If you like Chinese food, definitely give it a try.  I’m glad we tried it again, and will definitely go back again soon. (They accept Tables in Wonderland at Nine Dragons – for a 20% discount off your bill.  Check out my previous post about TIW for more info.)


Cantonese Pepper Beef