I must say, I am a fan Hoodwinked. I have been waiting for the sequel to come out for years! The first movie was released in 2006, a surprising twist on the story of Red Riding Hood.  The character of Red Riding Hood, Red for short, is a young girl who delivers goodies for her famous goody baking Grandma.  The Wolf (played by Patrick Warburton from The Tick) doesn’t try to eat anyone, and is accompanied by his highly caffeinated buddy, Twitchy, a squirrel.  Back in Hoodwinked 1, Chief detective Nicky Flippers, a frog who can disco, is trying to capture an unlikely villain who was stealing recipes from all the forest folks, putting them all out of business.  Red, Wolf, Twitchy, Granny Puckett, and the Woodsman team up to catch the bad guy.  While Red is on her quest she meets a singing goat named Japeth who was cursed by a witch, and he must sing everything he says. Japeth really stole the show in my opinion.  I couldn’t wait until the sequel just to see this singing goat! 

In Hoodwinked Too, the story revolves around the main characters of the first movie with the addition of the HEA (Happily Ever After Agency headed up by Nicky Flippers) and some new bad guys.  New characters include Hansel and Gretel, and a wicked witch (played by Joan Cusack – excellent choice).  In Hoodwinked Too, the main plan of the villains is to obtain a powerful recipe that will render anyone who eats it – invincible, and to force Granny to bake them these power-packed treats.  Red and company need to retrieve the recipe, the treats, save Granny, and catch the bad guys. We see the return of Japeth, who is dogged by bad luck throughout the movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed the thick German accents on the short and chubby Hansel and Gretel (voiced by Bill Hader and Amy Poehler).  Despite the low ratings you might find online at Rotten Tomatoes, or other websites, I highly recommend this movie.  Check out Hoodwinked (2006) and follow-up with Hoodwinked Too! (2011). If you enjoy animated movies, if you are a fan of The Tick, like singing goats, thick German accents, chubby German kids eating Schnitzel on a stick (from Hoodwinked 1), chances are you will love this movie.