This movie was written by Zack Synder, of Watchmen and The Owls of Ga’Hoole fame. Wow, where do I start.  I hated this movie.  It was incredibly sad and hard to watch, it had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  It was full of villains and showed nothing but the total sexual exploitation of women, primarily very young teenage girls, which was hard to watch.  Sexual abuse is one of the most disturbing of all themes.  I know that they tried to play down this aspect a bit, by not explicitly showing sex acts, but the implied abuse is enough to put you on edge throughout the entire movie. 

The movie is about a girl, nicknamed Babydoll, who ends up in a mental hospital due to her evil stepfather.  It doesn’t get better from there.  She ends up creating a fake reality where she and the other girls are trapped in this sex brothel trying to escape.  They are forced to put on exotic dance shows for fat rich business men.  It’s got the feeling of a comic strip world where everything is wrong and corrupt.  She is forced to dance for the boss and she blacks out into another fake reality where she and her friends (actually other mental hospital patients) fight robots, nazis, monsters etc with swords, guns, bombs, and other weapons.  Each time she is forced to dance she has an episode of this kind.  When she wakes from it, everyone is mesmerized by this “dance” that just happened.  The audience never sees her actually dancing.  Long story short.  She doesn’t get revenge, on her captors or her stepdad, which makes this movie completely pointless and meaningless.  The writer tried to give it meaning by saying “You have all the weapons you need. Now fight”, but that is bullshit because the only girl who got out – Sweet Pea, didn’t fight her way out, she got out because Babydoll sacrificed herself as a distraction to give Sweet Pea time for her escape.  Sweet Pea was stopped by police while trying to board a bus out of town, and she said NOTHING.  If it wasn’t for the busdriver, her “gaurdian angel” (the gaurdian angel appeared in Babydoll’s trance induced fight sequences), who gave her an alibi for her whereabouts to the police, she would have been taken back to the mental hospital.  So if by “fight” he means sacrifice yourself for maybe a slim chance that another person might get away while evil still exists and is taking over your entire world; or perhaps keep silent while the police are about the drag you back to the hell hole you just crawled out of…….Way to go, you obviously didn’t think that through.  They couldn’t fight their way out, all the power was held by adults, and to compound the depressing nature of this film, anyone who had the power and ability to help them at the mental hospital let them all down becuase they weren’t fucking paying attention to the abuse right under their noses.

If a movie isn’t going to at least give me some measure of justice, revenge, or some meaning after exposing me to that much depravity and despair, it is indeed worthless.